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Duckie, A Way of Life

Saturday 2 August, 9pm - 3am

Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome, Brighton

Tickets £12: Book Now at Brighton Dome

Are you a Mod or Are you a Rocker?

Exactly 50 years ago this month, Mods and Rockers fought their first battles on the beaches & streets of Brighton. Cult queer vintage club peddlers Duckie recreate this historical epoch
in music, dance, performance and choreography.

Duckie ModsDuckie Rockers

Join us at this special event for Brighton Pride starring Fingersnap, The Caezars, The Two Wrongies,
The Actionettes, Black Elvis, Piney Gir, Miss High Leg Kick, Lorraine Bowen, Robin Whitmore,
Open Barbers, The Test Shot, Lucille Power, The Drakes and a dozen Lesley Ash clones.

Please dress accordingly – and/or take advantage of our wardrobe and styling facilities.

It’s a club, it’s a contest, it’s a punch up at the seaside.

For brutish benders, vintage trenders, lezbo rockers, tranny schlockers,
well dressed str8s coming with their mates, odd bods and queer mods.

Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!

Brighton Dome

Hotline: +44 (0)20 7737 4043
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